Does Plastic Surgery Impact Your Mental Health?

Most plastic surgery patients consider the practice because they want to feel better about themselves mentally or physically. Plastic surgery provides a practical approach to correcting the appearance aspects that make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. This article explains how plastic surgery can change your feelings about yourself and the mental health benefits.

How Plastic Surgery Improves Your Mental Health

One thing about life that everybody should internalize and accept is that there are no guarantees. It means that not everybody will feel perfect about their natural appearance in specific features like their nose or hair. Plastic surgeons like Joel Aronowitz, MD help correct these features and deliver positive psychological benefits.

You must maintain realistic expectations when going for the surgery to increase your chances of the satisfaction with the results. Note that plastic surgery boosts your self-esteem and confidence and can even help with symptoms of depression.

Here is how your mental health improves after successful plastic surgery:

Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem

One of the common reasons for plastic surgery among many patients is that they feel their emotional and physical selves are not aligned. Such thoughts result in imbalanced self-esteem and confidence levels, significantly disrupting happiness.

In some instances, the physical flaw in question is not even noticeable by others but hurts your self-esteem. Plastic surgery is the answer to making your body perfect and helps eliminate whatever is hurting your confidence.

Alleviates Symptoms of Depression

The contradiction between your feelings and your outside appearance can be so severe that it may result in depression. It is called negative self-image and involves focusing on the parts of your body you are unhappy with instead of living a fulfilling life. Negative self-imaging is also a common cause of depression among young people.

You’ll find a renewed sense of self and clear the symptoms of depression from a successful plastic surgery session, but you must have realistic expectations. A recent study shows around 31% of plastic surgery patients on anti-depressants stop using the medication before their sixth month of recovery. It means they felt comfortable in their skin and didn’t require pills to dock their depression.

Boosts Your Happiness

The more satisfied you are with your looks, the happier you’ll feel. Your self-perception of attractiveness significantly contributes to positive feelings of happiness, allowing you to feel more comfortable. Chances are high that you’ll be happier with yourself and your life by considering plastic surgery to help you find yourself more attractive.

Can Your Mental Health Worsen after Plastic Surgery?

There is a possibility that your mental health might deteriorate after plastic surgery, mainly when you are unsatisfied with the outcome. One of the main reasons your mental health might not improve after surgery is if you had unrealistic expectations of the procedure’s outcome. Individuals with a history of mental disorders also don’t get the same satisfaction as others.

Plastic surgery has several positive physical and mental effects on your body when performed by a board-certified surgeon. It is among the most practical approaches to improving your mental health if you are unsatisfied with how your physical features look. It would help to consult with a medical professional before the surgery.

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