Zydus Needle-Free Corona Vaccine: All You Need to Know

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the world in many ways. However, the development of vaccines has brought a ray of hope in this tough time. One such vaccine is Zycov D by Zydus Cadila. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Zydus needle-free corona vaccine, including its features, benefits, dosage, & availability.

The Zydus Cadila, a leading pharmaceutical company in India, has developed a needle-free COVID-19 vaccine called Zycov D. The vaccine has received approval from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) for emergency use, making it the first needle-free vaccine to get approval in the country. The Zycov D vaccine is based on the DNA plasmid technology & has shown promising results in clinical trials!

About Zycov D Vaccine

The Zycov D vaccine is a three-dose vaccine, given intradermally using a needle-free applicator. It is the first COVID-19 vaccine that does not require a needle for administration, making it easier & safer to administer. The vaccine uses a DNA plasmid technology platform that delivers the genetic code for making a coronavirus spike protein into cells, leading to the production of antibodies against COVID-19.

How Does the Zycov D Vaccine Work?

The Zycov D vaccine uses a plasmid DNA technology platform to deliver the genetic code for making a coronavirus spike protein into cells. The cells then produce the spike protein, which triggers the immune system to produce antibodies against COVID-19. The vaccine is administered intradermally, which means it is injected into the skin instead of muscle, making it painless & more comfortable for the patient.

Features of the Zycov D Vaccine

  • Needle-free administration using a disposable applicator device
  • Three-dose vaccine with a gap of 28 days between doses
  • Can be stored at 2-8°C, making it easier to transport & store
  • Has shown 66.6% efficacy in clinical trials

Benefits of the Zycov D Vaccine

  • Painless and needle-free administration makes it more comfortable for the patient
  • Three-dose regimen ensures better protection against COVID-19
  • Can be stored at 2-8°C, making it easier to transport & store
  • Has shown promising results in clinical trials, with 100% efficacy against moderate COVID-19 cases & 66.6% efficacy against symptomatic cases

Dosage and Administration of the Zycov D Vaccine

The Zycov D vaccine is administered intradermally using a needle-free applicator device. The vaccine is given in three doses, with a gap of 28 days between each dose. The vaccine should be stored at 2-8°C & should not be frozen. The vaccine does not require dilution, making it easier to administer.

Comparison with Other COVID-19 Vaccines

The Zycov D vaccine is the first needle-free COVID-19 vaccine to receive emergency use authorization in India. While there are other COVID-19 vaccines available in India, including Covishield & Covaxin, the Zycov D vaccine stands out due to its needle-free administration & promising efficacy results. The vaccine also has the advantage of being easier to transport & store due to its storage temperature requirements.

Safety and Side Effects of the Zycov D Vaccine

The Zycov D vaccine has been found to be safe in clinical trials, with no serious adverse effects reported. The common side effects of the vaccine include pain, swelling, & redness at the injection site, fever, fatigue, & headache. These side effects are generally mild & go away on their own within a few days.

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Precautions to Take While Getting the Zycov D Vaccine

Like all vaccines, the Zycov D vaccine should be taken with precautions. People who have a history of severe allergies, pregnant or breastfeeding women, & people with a compromised immune system should consult their healthcare provider before taking the vaccine. It is also essential to continue following COVID-19 safety guidelines, including wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, & washing hands regularly.

The Zydus needle-free corona vaccine, Zycov D, is a promising addition to the COVID-19 vaccine lineup. The vaccine’s needle-free administration, easier storage requirements, & promising efficacy results make it a highly desirable option. It is important to remember that the vaccine is just one tool in the fight against COVID-19, & we must continue to follow safety guidelines to keep ourselves & others safe.

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