Parties Liable for Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents happen every day and result in severe fatalities and injuries. The majority of these accidents happen due to someone else’s fault. Intoxicated drivers, distracted drivers, and those who fail to observe reasonable care on the road are always at top of the list. Below is a list of parties liable following a motorcycle accident.


According to a report from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), a considerable number of victims are involved in bicyclist, pedestrian, and motorcyclist accidents. The employer is held liable for the victim’s damages in accidents involving commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and other large trucks. In these instances, victims can file a claim against the driver’s employer to secure compensation for the following damages:

Pain and Suffering

Motorcycle injuries may cause emotional trauma and physical pain for the victims. These accidents also lead to intensive disfigurement and scarring that may affect the victims for the rest of their lives. It’s not always easy to pay fair compensation for such issues, but the victim should be properly compensated for the pain and suffering sustained with the help of an experienced motorcycle crash attorney.

Medical Treatment

Victims of a motorcycle accident should seek immediate medical care after the accident. Emergency medical treatment treats injuries, including lacerations and cuts, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and other bodily harm. The overall treatment cost can be high if the victim requires ongoing physical therapy or surgery after the accident.

Lost Income

A motorcyclist may fail to return to work during the recuperating period following a severe injury. Such victims may experience physical disabilities and multiple issues that affect their earning income. Victims can pursue compensation for future and past income with the help of a reputable personal injury attorney following a motorcycle accident.

Parts Manufacturers

A motorcycle accident may happen due to the failure of motorcycle parts. For instance, the motorcycle brakes may fail, and tires may blow out, causing the driver to collide with an oncoming vehicle. Defective motorcycle parts, including tires, result in inadequate traction that affects the motorcyclist’s control, causing them to collide with obstacles or vehicles. If this happens, the manufacturer of those defective parts and the mechanic who failed to install them correctly are liable for the injuries sustained.

Irresponsible Drivers

There are numerous ways that drivers endanger motorcyclists. Most drivers fail to notice a motorcycle that is near their car, especially if they get distracted by a call, texting while driving, or other activities. Traffic violations are the primary forms of driver negligence, as a driver who is tailgating or speeding may fail to avoid colliding with a motorcycle from behind. Finally, driving under the influence is a dangerous form of negligence due to impaired judgment, vision, reaction time, and coordination, which inflicts severe injuries in a motorcyclist collision.

State or Local Governments

Some motorcycle accidents occur due to dangerous highways, roads, or intersections. An intersection that blocks the view of individuals making turns may cause the driver to collide with a motorcycle. Motorcyclists can sustain injuries due to large cracks or potholes and roads in bad shape. Government institutions responsible for maintaining and designing safe roads are held liable in such cases.

Car Manufacturer

Manufacturers must ensure the safety of their products before releasing them onto the market. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires vehicle manufacturers to recall their automobiles if they identify instances in which certain cars don’t meet federal safety standards that may cause harm. However, most companies don’t issue recalls until consistent reports of accidents involving such vehicles are reported. If the manufacturer is found responsible for the motorcycle accident, the victim will automatically qualify for the compensation amount following the accident.

Motorcycle accidents may cause long-term financial and personal difficulties for victims who pursue compensation without the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. No bike rider should endure financial burden, suffering, and pain due to someone else’s negligence. Hire an attorney to assist you in managing the case on your behalf to secure fair compensation.

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