Navigating the Realm of JK Land Records: A Comprehensive Guide

In the intricate world of land ownership and property rights, land records serve as the cornerstone of establishing clarity and upholding legal boundaries. In the context of Jammu and Kashmir, the JK Land Records Information System (LRIS) has emerged as a beacon of transparency and accessibility, streamlining the process of land-related transactions and empowering citizens to manage their property holdings effectively.

Demystifying the JK Land Records Information System (LRIS)

The JK LRIS is a comprehensive digital platform that meticulously maintains and disseminates land records pertaining to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. This centralized repository houses a wealth of information, including Records of Rights (RORs), Jamabandis, Girdawaris, and mutation records, providing a holistic view of land ownership patterns and property rights.

Revolutionizing Access to Land Records

The JK LRIS has revolutionized the way citizens access and manage their land records. Through its user-friendly interface, individuals can seamlessly retrieve crucial land-related information, including:

  • Land ownership details: Verifying land ownership status and identifying rightful claimants.

  • Property mutation records: Tracking changes in land ownership over time.

  • Jamabandi records: Accessing a comprehensive record of land holdings, tenants, and revenue payments.

  • Girdawari records: Reviewing crop cultivation details and land assessment information.

Unveiling the Benefits of JK Land Records

The implementation of the JK LRIS has ushered in a plethora of benefits for citizens, stakeholders, and the government alike:

  • Enhanced transparency: Fostering trust and clarity in land ownership matters.

  • Streamlined processes: Simplifying land-related transactions and reducing bureaucratic hurdles.

  • Reduced corruption: Minimizing opportunities for fraudulent activities and ensuring fair dealings.

  • Empowered citizens: Enabling citizens to take informed decisions regarding their property holdings.

  • Data-driven governance: Facilitating evidence-based policy formulation and resource allocation.

Utilizing the JK Land Records Information System

Navigating the JK LRIS is a straightforward process, empowering citizens to access their land records with ease:

  1. Visit the JK LRIS website: Access the official JK LRIS portal at

  2. Create an account: Register for an account using your Aadhaar card number and mobile number.

  3. Access land records: Once logged in, utilize the search function to locate your land records using your Khasra number or owner’s name.

  4. View, download, or print: Retrieve your land records, download them for offline access, or print them for physical documentation.


The JK Land Records Information System stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to transparency, accessibility, and citizen empowerment. By streamlining land-related processes and providing seamless access to crucial information, the JK LRIS has transformed the way land records are managed and utilized in Jammu and Kashmir. As the system continues to evolve, it is poised to play an even more pivotal role in shaping the future of land ownership and property rights in the region.

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