CarryMinati Joins WinZO: The New Face of India’s Gaming Revolution


Ajey Nagar, popularly known as CarryMinati, has been appointed as the brand ambassador for WinZO, India’s burgeoning gaming platform. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry, bringing together one of India’s most influential YouTubers with a leading gaming brand.

Who is CarryMinati?

CarryMinati, a name synonymous with Indian YouTube culture, is known for his comedic skits, roasts, and gaming streams. With a fan following of over 50 million, he stands as a youth icon and a trendsetter in digital content creation.

WinZO: Pioneering Social Gaming

WinZO is a social gaming and entertainment platform that has made waves with its diverse offerings across multiple formats and languages. The platform’s commitment to providing culturally relevant content has garnered a user base of over 75 million.

The Collaboration

The collaboration will see CarryMinati create exclusive gaming-centric content for WinZO. His unique style and massive reach are expected to resonate with the platform’s audience, furthering WinZO’s vision of connecting people through interactive entertainment.

Impact on the Gaming Community

This partnership is set to create new avenues for community engagement within the gaming ecosystem. CarryMinati’s involvement is anticipated to bridge the gap between casual gamers and the broader social gaming community.

Strategic Branding

WinZO’s strategic move to onboard CarryMinati aligns with its mission to expand its footprint across ‘Bharat’. The collaboration is poised to enhance the brand’s visibility and appeal to a wider demographic.

Future Endeavors

With CarryMinati at the helm, WinZO is looking to explore and develop untapped potential within the gaming sector. The partnership is expected to catalyze growth and innovation in the industry.


rajkotupdates CarryMinati’s appointment as WinZO’s brand ambassador is a testament to the growing influence of gaming in India. It signifies a new era where content creators and gaming platforms come together to offer immersive experiences to users across the country.


Q: What will Carry Minati’s role be as WinZO’s brand ambassador? CarryMinati will create exclusive content for WinZO and engage with the gaming community through interactive and relatable content.

Q: How significant is this partnership for the Indian gaming industry? This partnership is a major step in promoting social gaming in India, leveraging CarryMinati’s popularity to reach a wider audience and strengthen the gaming community.

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