All You Need to Know About Pink Diamonds

In the field of diamonds, pink diamonds are the one among the different coloured diamonds. These pink diamonds are available as naturally occurring gemstone, which is pink-hued and of the finest quality without any impurities and as chemically coloured gemstones. The ones that are chemically coloured pink contain impurities, and over time the colour fades. 

The naturally occurring pink-hued diamonds were primarily contributed by the Argyle mines, which provided the argyle pink diamonds in the most significant percentage. These diamonds were of excellent quality and very different from the ordinary diamonds and the ones prepared in the laboratory with chemical impurities. 

Originating point: 

Pink diamonds are a rare species or variety of diamonds and are not found everywhere. The most significant part comes from the argyle mines owned by Rio Tinto, the largest pink diamond producer until it existed. 

These are rare ones and were mainly found in the argyle mines, which are closed now. Other places have some small contributions to these hued diamonds. The areas which include these diamonds are India, Brazil, and Russia.

Are they good investment options?

The pink diamonds are already rare; with time, they will become the rarest of the hued diamonds. Pink diamonds are expensive and have a demand in the market.

The rareness of these diamonds could be defined as the whole production of one year of these diamonds can be held in the palm of a hand quickly. As such, it must be clear how rare they are.

Therefore, it could be said that argyle pink diamonds are a good option for investment as they become rarer and rarer, and the price of these pink-hued diamonds increases. 

Factors influencing the price: 

Although all diamonds are expensive, pink diamonds are much more expensive than ordinary ones. In that, too, the different link diamonds have other costs depending upon the factors which influence the cost of the diamonds, such as their intensity, size and many more things. 

All the diamonds occurring have their own cost and pricing, and some factors influence the price of these diamonds. The elements are as follows: 

  • Intensity and saturation in colour 
  • Different varieties (colour strength) 
  • Rareness of colour 
  • Size 
  • Presence of secondary fluorescence

Why are they popular among engagement rings?

All the diamonds are used for jewellery purposes and fashion looks. Similarly, pink diamonds are also associated with different jewellery items, but these pink diamonds are more associated with engagement rings.

They are more popular among rings because a pink engagement ring tells or symbolises love’s beauty, rarity, and mystery. The reasons why pink diamonds are used in engagement rings are as follows: 

  • It represents the colour of love 
  • It is incredibly rare 
  • It is a little mysterious
  • It is breathtakingly beautiful

Pink diamonds are extremely rare and hard to find everywhere. Some places are left, which contribute a small percentage to the supply of these hued diamonds. These hued diamonds are different from ordinary or chemically coloured diamonds and have entirely different properties than the standard diamonds. 

Also, these pink-hued diamonds are used for different purposes and play an important role in different fields. Though they are much more expensive than the normally occurring diamonds, they are still demanded in the market and are purchased due to their properties and rarity.

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